Skin’Up has been engaged in humanitarian and supportive projects for a few years now. At the end of 2017, the company has financed the whole construction of Balankolé’s windmill in Niger. This approach, helped by the association RECCI Sustainability and the NGO Niger Ma Zaada, has enabled to women and young women of the village to stop the exhausting millet pounding (several kinds of cereals in Africa), in order to focus on other tasks and to diversify the families’ food.

The « Solidarity Development » label awarded to Sophie Beaugé-Duguet.

It’s partly thanks to this action that Sophie Beauge-Duguet, CEO and founder of Skin’Up Laboratory, has received the “Solidarity Development” label on November 28th, 2018, given by Regis Samuel, President of the label and of the humanitarian association RECCI Solidaire. The “
Solidarity Development” label allows to fight against ultra-poverty and enables wealth creation to the poorest. This award has been given during an event where the following people were here: Daniel Masson (Niger Ma Zaada CEO), Emmanuel Miller (Essonne Chamber of Commerce CEO), Olivier Leonhardt (Essonne senator) and the members of the commission of sustainable development and territory planning.

Through this label, Skin’Up has been recognized as fully engaged against the world’s poverty. This engagement is one of its priorities. And that’s why the company wants to go further by launching the organization “Skin’Up Support”. An organization with a non-lucrative goal for the development of humanitarian micro projects enabling access to culture, education, and sport. Then, Skin’Up is considering to develop a new brand where a part of the sales will be distributed to a new project.