Skin’Up’s sportswear brand, Movimiento, has also launched a brand-new range of smart leggings. 

The Skin’Up laboratory is unveiling its new Movimiento brand along with its new range of smart leggings designed to meet all your slimming and fitness needs.


For this range, the Skin’Up laboratory brought together two key solutions: textiles and cosmetics

The seamless 3D knit fabric instantly sculpts and shapes the figure, while the active fibre made up of high-tech, wash-resistant ceramic thread means the leggings provide a firming anti-cellulite massage with every move. Thanks to its mineral fibre, this textile is also packed full of ceramic particles that improve the body’s heat-regulating abilities, as the fibre works to trap body heat before re-releasing it later on.

In terms of cosmetics, the micro-capsules locked down in the heart of the fabric gradually release firming, anti-oxidant phytomarine goodness. A powerful combination of lipid-replenishing and hydrating safflower oil and fucus vesiculosus, a type of seaweed well-known for its anti-oxidant properties, for leggings that firm and tone, help skin cell renewal and fight the signs of ageing.

Proven results

A combination of smart textiles and cosmetics that actually works. Laboratory tests* show that users lost up to 1.78cm from around their hips.

In addition to their slimming action, Movimiento leggings are suitable for all sports and fitness activities. The soft, comfy material used make them perfect for getting moving, whatever your favourite activity, including the most extreme!

*Cosmeto Textile test carried out by an independent laboratory. Maximum centimetres lost after 28 days of using a similar product, when wearing the item for eight hours/day.

Test carried out on a panel of 29 women with an average age of 41 and a half. Maximum centimetres lost by the top third of the panel’s women were recorded at 0.5cm around the thighs and 1.78cm around the hips.