Skin’Up drew inspiration from cryolipolysis in developing Beauty Therm, a range of smart textiles that uses jade fibre to lower body temperature and cosmetic detailing for extreme slimming effects.

Jade fibre: cold-activated slimming

Based on the premise that the body burns fat reserves to maintain a body temperature of 38°C, the Beauty Therm range features a cooling fabric that draws on the powers of jade fibre.


Jade mineral thread cools the body by 1.8 degrees, forcing it to dip into its fat reserves to maintain its core temperature. The body responds to this drop in temperature by burning fuel to stay warm, with firmer skin as a result.

The seamless 3D knit fabric means the body instantly looks and feels contoured and streamlined.

Its active fibre textile is made up of high-tech® wash-resistant ceramic threads, ensuring a continuous massage that firms up skin and smooths out cellulite in the most stubborn of areas (the tummy, tops of the thighs and hips) with each movement.

Cosmetics to firm and hydrate

For even more intensive results, the laboratory combined this smart textile with phytomarine cosmetic active ingredients to enhance the firming and hydrating effects on the targeted areas. Packed into micro-capsules incorporated into the heart of the fabric, these active ingredients release their powerful properties throughout the day.

The Beauty Therm range includes several pieces (leggings, a top, cycling shorts and pedal-pushers) to suit all activities and designed to be invisible under clothing.