Skin’Up has announced it will be backing the Gauloises Irraiductibles, a local team from Tours set to take part in the Raid Amazones 2018, a women-only race and charity event for the Un sourire pour tous association.

The 18th edition of the race will take place in Sri Lanka from 10 to 20 October.


Sophie Beaugé-Duguet, Director of the Skin’Up Laboratory, has always been a firm believer in supporting local initiatives in her region Centre Val-de-Loire and does her best to take part in events whenever possible. According to Sophie,

“When Aurélie Hamelin, Audrey Deplanque and Amélie Perrault Seigneurin from the Gauloises Irraiductibles team approached me with their idea, I was instantly interested in the event’s health and charity aspects. I was more than happy to help fund their 100% female team! I love the idea that these three super active mums embrace their sporty side. This Skin’Up team is a fantastic example of fighting spirit, and I’m thrilled to be sponsoring them by giving them all my material and financial support”.

The Skin’Up Gauloises Irraiductibles team is made up of three sporty mums in their thirties who will be wearing pieces from the brand’s cosmetic textile collection.

  • Audrey Deplanque is a graphic designer and mum of two. She’s been into horse-riding, gymnastics, dance and basketball for over 20 years and describes herself as “slightly hyper-active”.
  • Amélie Perrault Seigneurin is a carer for disabled children and mum of two. She’s a nature lover who prioritises a ‘zero waste’ lifestyle.
  • Aurélie Hamelin is a physics teacher in a scientific prépa and mum of two. She’s a basketball player and coach who describes herself as “always upbeat and full of beans”.

The Gauloises Irraiductibles decided to raise funds for the Tours-based Un sourire pour tous association. Founded in 2012, the charity uses sport to roll out campaigns and cultural events in support of unwell, disabled and disadvantaged children.

The team will be posting regular updates on their progress throughout the event via its Facebook account: les gauloises irraiductibles – raid amazones 2018.

About the Raid Amazones event:

Organised by Alexandre Debanne and now embarking upon its 18th edition, the Raid Amazones is a women-only multi-sport and adventure race featuring trail-running, canoeing, mountain-biking and archery team competitions.

After editions held in French Guiana, Réunion Island, Mauritius, Kenya, Mayotte, Malaysia, Cambodia, Bali and California, this year’s edition of the Amazones is being held in Sri Lanka from 10 to 20 October 2018.

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