A world-first laboratory

Skin’Up smart clothing is the product of 15 years of research and innovation and perfectly combines cosmetics with textiles.

Its belief in the importance of research has always driven its development forward, allowing it to become a leader in its market.

Skin’Up is creating nothing short of smart fibres!

In 2018, Skin’Up invested in a new laboratory, the first in the world to be dedicated to cosmetotextiles. It has been stocked with all the latest and most advanced equipment so that it can handle the demands of new concepts which apply cosmetics to a textile base.

The laboratory is organised into three departments:

  • One focuses on developing a particular cosmetotextile through both theoretical and applied research (conducting selections, analyses of active ingredients and shaping work, for example).
  • A second monitors quality (carrying out tests around durability after washing, resistance to wear and so on).
  • The third deals with regulations such as traceability and packaging.

The Skin’Up laboratory deliberately opens its doors to collective intelligence so that it can play an active role in developing the smart textile market.

Our ambition is to retain our position as the best lab in the world, but also to allow other operators to monitor the quality of their work and prove their product’s efficacy.


Skin’Up clothing owes its power to more than 15 years of research and innovation.

This decade and a half of work have generated a portfolio of 10 patents for the company and put us in a position where we can confidently say that Skin’Up technology is now the most effective on the world market.Command

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Sharing and enriching our research and innovations

Skin’Up always wants to share its work with the world, so in 2018 it joined two professional networks which confirm its place as an exemplary company endowed with expert knowledge.


Our business was selected to join the Excellence network, a grouping of 4000 outstanding businesses supported by Bpifrance.


The ANRT (Agence Nationale Recherche Technologie, or the National Agency for Research and Technology) also asked Skin’Up to become one of its 350 members.

Each one shares the ambition of forging closer ties between publicly funded research and businesses, while opening up dialogue, increasing their levels of training and influencing others.