Beauty Slim


Looking to trim and tone in a flash?

The BeautySlim brand offers second-skin slimming solutions and toning, anti-cellulite clothing.

BeautySlim’s products are super discreet and invisible, meaning you can get slimming day after day.

Brand promises

Worn day or night, BeautySlim clothing promises comfort and discretion.

From lingerie to sportswear, the designs have been developed through cutting-edge textile and cosmetic research.

The slimming product used can trim thighs by around 2 cm and shave 4 cm off the hips.

It guarantees anti-cellulite, firming and hydrating effects, proven by our user surveys.

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The technology

The seamless knit fabric ensures perfect support and hold while guaranteeing total comfort and discretion.

The slimming properties are enhanced by strategically placed shapewear panels. The fabric contains micro-capsules packed full of phyto-marine active ingredients that mimic the draining effects of a spa treatment for firmness and hydration.

As the fibres stretch and relax, the capsules release active ingredients that are absorbed deep within the skin.