Booster Shape

Your sports, running and fitness specialist

Active mineral ingredients embedded in the clothing ensure firmer, softer and more supple skin.

The millions of micro-capsules incorporated deep within the fibres offer proven and tested hydrating and anti-cellulite properties. Skin is left toned, moisturised and perfected.

Brand benefits


The Booster Shape range improves circulation to slough away cellulite. It firms skin and speeds up the fat-busting process in places where the skin and textile meet.

Kind on muscles

The permanent electro-mechanical massage process combined with technology designed to restrict lactic acid production soothe and pamper muscles.


Slimming results

Booster Shape trims down your figure and brings down your weight. Effectiveness tested and proven under dermatological control.

Lasting comfort

The 3 mm-thick textile feels extremely comfy to wear. Slip it on under your winter outfits or wear it loud and proud when you hit the gym. These textiles are wash-resistant.

The technology

Extracting all the goodness of seaweed and safflower oil, the micro-encapsulated slimming complex recreates the benefits of spa-style body wraps.