Slimming expertise for workouts

CELLUTEX clothing is developed and designed for people looking to get extra slimming results out of their workout sessions.

Recommended for sporty customers, this clothing features French-designed patented cosmeto-ceramic® technology.

CELLUTEX clothing contains cosmetic micro-capsules that draw on phyto-marine active ingredients and ceramic fibres, a natural active ingredient that improves your body’s heat-regulating abilities.

Say goodbye to toxins

CELLUTEX clothing helps eliminate toxins.

Its slimming powers yield average results of 3.7 cm lost around the thighs and 5.4 cm lost from around the waist thanks to its micro-encapsulated slimming complex.

Skin is gradually left looking firmer and more beautiful than ever. Clinical testing and satisfaction surveys show that customers saw improvements in skin and lost inches.

Muscle tone and recovery

The shapewear-inspired compressive effects improve oxygen flow to the muscles and delay muscle fatigue, leaving you free to push that little bit harder during your workouts.

The fibres micro-encapsulated natural active ingredients provide maximum hydration. Muscle tone and recovery are boosted thanks to the ceramic fibres.

The seamless 3D knit fabric results in a range of products that provide unparalleled comfort and support for wearers who like to get moving.