Health-boosting textiles

Thanks to a powerful combination of triple technologies, DoloCare’s textiles support and strengthen your body while boosting suppleness in the abs and back.

DoloCare takes preventative action when users find themselves sitting or standing still for too long, or when heavy loads need to be carried (house moves, shopping, work, etc.). It can also be worn on a regular basis for extra support and good posture day after day.

Brand benefits

Banishing pain and tiredness

Dolocare prevents lower back pain by massaging the area, featuring a controlled release of active ingredients known for their anti-inflammatory properties (bladder wrack seaweed) and mineral active ingredient threads that keep high-risk areas warm to prevent pain and keep posture at its best.

The technology

DoloCare is an innovative, smart ceramic textile that draws on technology designed to fight off muscle fatigue. The ceramic fibres boost the body’s energy levels thanks to their heat-regulating properties, using infrared radiation that’s absorbed by the fibre before being re-released across the body.