Lipo Actif

Perfects and protects skin

Lipo Actif’s dual technology hits all the right spots. Its micro-encapsulated textile is packed full of marine-derived active cosmetic ingredients that provide a full detox and slimming spa experience, reinforced by a complex of massage-effect ceramic fibres.

Lipo Actif products are invisible, on-trend and elegantly designed and help wearers keep cellulite at bay.

The technology

Extracting all the goodness of seaweed and safflower oil, the micro-encapsulated slimming complex recreates the benefits of spa-style body wraps.

Clinical testing and satisfaction surveys prove that customers saw improvements in skin and lost inches.

Main active ingredients of natural origin

Fucus vesiculosus

  • Fat-burning (sterols),
  • Skin regeneration (minerals, vitamins, phospholipids),
  • Detox effects (polysaccharides),
  • Anti-oxidant (Provitamin A, Vitamin E).

Safflower oil

Nourishing and emollient properties, rich in poly-unsaturated fatty acids.