So Sublime

Slimming clothing infused with the power of beauty products thanks to active cosmetic and mineral ingredients that guarantee lasting results.

The COSMETO CERAMIC® So’Slim collection is a range of clothing for customers striving for a more toned figure and lasting slimming results combined in a single bodycare product.

Expertise in

Natural active ingredients with proven results

Extracting all the goodness of seaweed and safflower oil, this micro-encapsulated slimming complex recreates the benefits of spa-style body wraps. Clinical testing and satisfaction surveys prove that customers saw improvements in skin and lost inches.


Dual textile and cosmetic expertise

The seamless shapewear textile instantly slims while treating wearers to incredible comfort. The massaging knit fabric design recreates the kneading effects of a massage.

The micro-encapsulated slimming formula helps drain toxins and boosts skin quality, while the active mineral ingredients integrated into the fibres improve circulation, bolster long-term anti-cellulite action and power up the body’s heat-regulating mechanisms.


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