As a cosmetotextiles pioneer, Skin’Up has been designing, making and distributing its slimming fabrics since 2005.

Ever since she first founded Skin’Up, Sophie Beaugé-Duguet has unshakeably believed that new concepts around smart textiles will transform how clothing is used.

Smart textiles are revolutionising the way we are designing and wearing clothes. Garments are starting to offer genuinely effective slimming solutions. Managing director

Skin’Up technologies & body care

Because we have developed comprehensive expertise in cosmetotextile technology, our fabrics are performing at an increasingly impressive level – and are gaining more recognition. Products from Skin’Up’s laboratory offer the most noticeable slimming effects on the market.

Effective over the long term, easy to use and attractive to look at, Skin’Up’s cosmetotextiles help men and women of all ages to get the figure they want, firm up their skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Skin’Up is weaving fibres of joy!

Beauty & Slimming

Skin’Up textiles offer their wearers real beauty and slimming effects and use all-important cosmetic and textile technology to tone the body’s natural curves, actively get rid of cellulite and smooth out figures, while wrapping skin in a hydrating fabric. Thanks to their microcapsules enriched with seaweed, safflower oil or precious jade fibre phyto-marine active ingredients, Skin’Up’s textiles guarantee their wearers an instantly beautifying effect, comprehensive body care and effective, long-lasting slimming.

Fitness & performance

Skin’Up has developed a clothing range for people who want to combine a slimmed-down look with high sports performance. These garments help to eliminate toxins from the body. Skin gradually becomes firmer and more attractive.

Muscles become more oxygenated and tire less easily. The fibres’ microencapsulated active natural ingredients offer an intense hydration boost and improve sports performances over the long term. They also help muscles to recover and tone up.

Health & well-being

Healthy-living textiles prevent muscle and joint pain. Skin’Up’s cosmetotextiles work on particular parts of the body to offer targeted support. Whether a fabric offers heat therapy or soothing active ingredients, it gives its wearer the exact treatment they need.


What is a cosmetotextile?

Born out of microencapsulation technology, cosmetotextiles are what happens when cosmetic and fabric experts meet. Textiles of this kind contain microcapsules which are released onto the skin’s epidermis to endow it with a cream or a spa-style treatment, for instance.

Skin’Up is a high-tech fibre pioneer and its French laboratory is the only one of its kind in the world.

Understand Skin’Up technology


Expertise sought out by consumers and professionals

skin-up-60-millions-de-consommateursIn 2014, 60 million consumers tested the brand, and confirmed that Skin’Up is the only cosmetic textiles brand to offer genuine cosmetic slimming results.

In 2015, Skin’Up won the Trophée de l’Innovation award at the Rencontres de l’Entretien Textile for its patented work designing tracing technology for active ingredients. The award was supported by the French Ministry for the Economy, Industry and Digital Sector and ADEME.

victoire-de-la-beauté-2017-2018-skin-upOver three separate years, Les Victoires de la Beauté recognised the company’s innovations :

  • in 2014/2015 for its Cosmeto Ceramic Shaper Leggings;
  • for its Skinny Jeans in 2015/2016;
  • for Beauty Therm in 2017/2018;
  • and the Zéro Défaut Be’Slim shaper shorts in 2018/2019.