Our company was created in 2005 by Sophie Beaugé-Duguet.

Sophie’s background is in marketing and she is an expert in distance selling. Having gained valuable experience with various different brands which exported to Asia, it wasn’t long before Sophie became curious about how to bring together two of France’s most globally esteemed areas of expertise: fashion and cosmetics.

In 2005, Skin’Up’s visionary founder created a laboratory team of scientists, researchers, stylists and manufacturers who would soon start working in Cosmetic Valley, the world’s largest international business cluster for beauty science.

Skin’Up’s story has taken it from its origins as a French start-up to the benchmark business in the cosmetotextile industry. It has forged this destiny through series of investments and research and development which have formed its core identity from day one.

The business is created in Azay-le-Rideau.
It applies for its first patent.

Skin’Up’s strategy is approved by the French Ministry for Research. In 2006, it is named as a Jeune Entreprise Innovante (or “innovative new business”) and wins support from Oseo Innovation. The laboratory officially applies for recognition by the Agence Nationale de Sécurité du Médicament et de la Santé (National Agency for Health and Drug Safety). Its slimming claims are certified by an independent laboratory.

Sales are opened in Asia (Malaysia and China).
Skin’Up creates the first ever cosmetic booster for clothing

A spray bottle containing active marine ingredients that can be applied onto fabrics or cosmetotextiles to enhance their properties and keep them effective for longer. At the same time, the company creates new underwear models to add to the existing collection.

In this year, initial research is conducted into solutions which would guarantee customers’ purchases are effective over the long term.

As an innovative SME, Skin’Up invents a “performance indicator” which measures how much cosmetic product a garment contains. It makes an application to patent its Smart Tag®.


In 2008, the start-up moves to Cosmetic Valley, the world’s largest international business cluster for beauty science.
A system for detecting microcapsules in textiles is invented.
Work starts on infrared massage textiles (fabrics which administer heat therapy).
Research is conducted into smart textiles (specifically Ceramic fibre) that connect with Android technology.
An interactive app is developed to help users with their medical and lifestyle needs.
Skin’Up invents and patents its unique mineral thread technology known as “cosmeto-ceramic”.

So’Slim – Skin’Up’s slimming brand, is at this point the only cosmetotextile that can be washed as often as users want, without losing any of its power.

So’Slim products can keep working because its fibres contain active mineral ingredients which have an endless capacity to stay in shape and keep up their anti-cellulite properties.

The combination of microcapsules and mineral fibre provides quicker results than any other slimming textile – results which are also two times more effective.

Skin’Up wins its first Victoires de la Beauté award 2014-2015 for its Cosmeto Ceramic Shaper Leggings.

These are ultra-comfortable, new-generation leggings which have a flattening effect on wearers’ bodies. They do this by combining ceramic fibres that increase body temperature with a hydrating, firming cosmetic product

Another major new advance for the company in 2014 is in its services.

It now links up its clothes to active and interactive labels (which later become digitally connective). These manage products’ performance and have an inbuilt advice function to help wearers meet their objectives.

Clothing and underwear’s labels include a Smart Tag®, a performance indicator that helps manage how cosmetics embedded into textiles’ fibres work on the body. The built-in QR code displays a report and offers advice tailored to the user’s results.

The So’Slim slimming lingerie collection developed by Skin’Up’s French laboratory is awarded the highest possible score during rigorous testing by the magazine 60 Millions de Consommateurs.

For the second year running, Skin’Up is recognised at the Victoires de la Beauté awards 2015/2016, this time for its Skinny Jeans garments.

These are designed in the latest styles and, most importantly, offer formidable anti-cellulite and slimming properties thanks to the millions of microcapsules set within their fibres. Dermatological tests reveal they offer a slimming effect of as much as 2.6cm around the hips.

In 2015, Skin’Up wins the Prix de l’Innovation Responsable (Responsible Innovation Prize) during the Rencontres de l’Entretien Textile show.

With Emmanuel Macron (then the Minister for the Economy, Industry and Digital Sector) and ADEME as its patrons, a prestigious judging panel made up of important figures from the world of textiles lauded the technology embedded within labels to help wearers monitor a garment’s performance and receive tailored advice using the QR code.

For the first time, the laboratory designs textiles which are officially recognised as medical devices and become available to buy in pharmacies.
For the third time, Skin’Up takes home the prize from the Victoires de la Beauté awards 2017/2018 for its Beauty Therm innovation.

This revolutionary innovation weaves jade into its textile fibre mix.

This lends the fabric a triple slimming effect :

  • First, it sculpts the wearer’s figure using seamless 3D weaving techniques;
  • second, it continuously massages the body as its jade fibres produce a cooling effect, which helps the wearer to shed calories;
  • and third, its microencapsulated active marine ingredients help to generate slimming results after just seven days.
Logistics and drop shipments are integrated into the Azay-le-Rideau site.

Several key facts serve as confirmation that the business is growing:

  • double-digit growth;
  • and increased sales, marketing and online activities, with a new digital shop which sells all the company’s brands and the launch of an online magazine packed with beauty, fitness and health tips.
Skin'Up is now a member of several prestigious networks: 

Skin’Up is selected to join several networks for businesses which demonstrate remarkable talent for research and innovation:

  • The Excellence network, a grouping of 4000 outstanding businesses supported by Bpifrance;
  • The ANRT (Agence Nationale Recherche Technologie, or the National Agency for Research and Technology), which represents three-quarters of all of France’s research and innovation initiatives across 170 businesses.
Skin'Up is once again rewarded with the Victoires de la Beauté

The Zéro Défaut shaper shorts use push-up effect technology on the bottom to enhance natural curves, and was recognised at the Victoires de la Beauté 2018/2019 awards. A sign of trust, confidence and quality direct from consumers.