Skin’Up’s quality strategy encompasses every element of its work.

  1. It starts during the design phase when materials are selected alongside our natural active ingredients, all of which are encapsulated in Europe. It continues when materials are perfected using high-tech, innovative machine processes in the lab, and also when we monitor how active ingredients are released and retained.
  2. Our quality strategy then plays a defining role in our production systems. Every batch is inspected – depending on the product, there are 100 to 200 control points – and this is done using secure processes which respect the European cosmetics and textile industry’s strictest standards. All our products are dermatologically tested, especially to check for any potential toxicities.
  3. Our commitment to quality is also evident in post-production, ensuring, for example, that batches are traceable; storage, packaging and distribution are appropriate; and monitoring is in place.
  4. Supporting users is our business’ priority. We explain how to use our products through communications whose clarity, transparency and good advice reflect our values as a responsible company. The Skin’Up online magazine also offers lots of handy extra tips for staying in good mental and physical shape.