Skin’Up’s expertise draws on several flawlessly harnessed technologies and a portofolio of patents that have resulted in the comany boasting the most impressive inch-loss figures on the market :

  • micro-encapsulation,
  • active mineral fibres,
  • a textured, massage-effect knit fabric.

Skin’Up’s triple technology: a comprehensive process

1 – Microencapsulation


This involve isolating micro-capsules (measuring around five microns in diameter) packed full of meticulously selected and carefully dosed cosmetic active ingredients of natural origin. 

Millions of these micro-capsules are incorporated into the fibres to guarantee the effectiveness of the products. 

2 – Active mineral fibres + micro-capsules


Boasting incredible effectiveness upheld by clinical testing, Skin’Up has patented its Cosméto-Céramic® technology for its unique combination of mineral fibres and micro-capsules. 

The active mineral fibres ensure that the textile provides slimming effects regardless of how many times it is washed. 

3 – Textured, massage-effect knit fabric


The final European patent granted by Skin’Up’s  technological innovation concerns the seamless textured knit fabric, which ensures that the micro-capsules are released across the epidermis evenly and lends the textiles incomparable slimming properties.

As the fibres strech and slacken, the capsules break to open to release active ingredients that provide unparalleled slimming effects across the skin

This perfectly honed knit technology triggers a massage effect on targeted areas for slimming, firming, anti-cellulite and hydrating results.